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About IIT JEE examination
The Indian Institute of technology and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is conducting the IIT JEE examination ever year. Nearly 14 lakh students appear for the JEE examination every year. About 26000 seats are allocated for the JEE IITs and NITs which means only 2% o the total candidates appearing for the examination have made their way to the IITs and NITs. The examination requires tough preparation looking for the candidate’s aptitude and various problem solving skills and approach.  

List of the top coaching institutes 

The candidate preparing for the IIT JEE may be interested to join a IIT JEE coaching institute and enrol themselves for the programmes available for the preparation. The various coaching institutes with an excellent tracking record of delivering top rankers and the various academic programmes for the candidates are given below. 

1.       Vibrant academy
2.       Resonance
3.       Bansal classes
4.       FIITJEE, Delhi
5.       Narayana
6.       Allen career institute
7.       Vidya mandir
8.       Aakash Institute
9.       IITians Pace
10.   Super 30

The above list of institutes are not just the well established institutes in proving their worth to themselves and the candidates, they provide various resources and sessions assisting the students in every other way to crack the IIT JEE examination. 

Let’s have a look at the programmes offered for the IIT JEE aspirants. 

Vidya Mandir coaching institute

The Vidya Mandir has been a favourite among may IIT aspirants and has established itself in more than 30 cities. Nearly 48 top scorers through classroom coaching and 9 top scorers through the corresponding course have made their way to the All India ranks in the IIT-JEE examination. 

a)      They offer regular classroom course (RCC) for the candidates is one year programme for the students appearing in the class 12th board examination.
b)      The correspondence course for the IIT JEE preparation is an extensive course for the students of class 12th and would be appearing for IIT JEE for the year 2015.   
c)       Aim-IIT is a extensive programme for the class 10th students aiming for the IITs and NITs. It is an extensive three year programme and covers various fundamentals relevant tot eh class eleventh and class twelfth students. 


FIITJEE, Delhi is an ideal launch pad for the students aspiring to pursue the IIT JEE examination. It has an excellent proven track record of students having making their way to the IIT entrance examination. 

The various programmes are given below.
a)      one year classroom course for the JEE advanced 2015
b)      one year classroom course for the JEE Mains 2015
c)       special weekend programmes for the IIT JEE advanced and Mains
d)      PINNACLE-two year Integrated program

Narayana Institute

This Institute is a pioneer in the engineering entrance examination. The institute has never failed to impress the students and parents alike with their proven track records. They are offering many courses and programmes with the IIT perspective.
a)      IIT Extended two year programme
b)      One year classroom programme

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