JEE-2009 Marks of all Candidates

Marks of all Candidates appeared in JEE-2009

As per the directive issued by CIC on disclosure of information related to JEE-2009, the marks of all candidates appeared in JEE-2009 is displayed in database format as well as in a PDF file.

The CIC Directive CIC/SG/C/2009/001088/5392, dated 6th November 2009 states:

Personal details like mobile phone numbers and email addresses would certainly fall in the category of information, the disclosure of which could be considered an invasion on the privacy of an individual. However, the Commission rules that merely giving the name of the person and the pin code with the marks obtained cannot be considered as an invasion of the privacy of an individual, which is covered under Section 8(1) (j) of the RTI Act.

Against a complaint of non-compliance of the RTI law by not providing "A CD containing marks (in each individual subject), AIR and EML Rank (if any), and personal details including registration number, Name, Category, Gender, Date of Birth, Parent's Name, Address, Email IDs, Telephone number, and PINCODE of all students who appeared in both papers of JEE-2009", the CIC Shri. Shailesh Gandhi observed as above and directed IIT Guwahati to provide the complainant the following information of each of the candidates:

Registration Number, Name, Gender, Category, Sub-Category, Parent's Name, PINCODE along with marks in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and the aggregate marks.

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