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The Joint entrance examination (JEE) is conducted by the Central Board of secondary education (CBSE) and the Indian institute of Technology (IITs). The candidates require tough preparation to crack the highly competitive examination. The candidates may find it difficult to pick the right book for their preparation given the fact that the number of authors present in the market today.
We know that a good book is one that consists of everything that simplifies the learning and understanding process. You can always take a review from a person who has cracked the examination of the IIT-JEE .i.e. an IITian.  There are many online forums and online material to provide the JEE aspirants with a lot of study material and preparatory material for the candidates. 

Here is a comprehensive list of books for the different subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  The list of books by the various authors is given below according to the subject.

Books for Chemistry
 The various books for the chemistry subject are listed below.
a)      Organic chemistry
The books given for the Organic Chemistry are Morrison and Boyd, Solutions to the Morrison Boyd and Reaction mechanism in organic chemistry by Parmar Chawla. 

b)      Inorganic Chemistry
The books given for the inorganic chemistry are NCERT Inorganic chemistry, Concise inorganic chemistry by J.D.Lee and IIT Chemistry for O.P. Aggarwal.  

c)       General Chemistry
The general chemistry books are given as J.D.Lee, O.P.Agarwal and R.C.Mukhergee. 

Books for Mathematics
The various books for the Mathematics concepts are given below. 

a)      Algebra
The books on Algebra are by
High school mathematics by Hall and Knight
IIT Maths by M.L.Khanna

b)      Calculus and Analytic Geometry
The books are given by G.N.Berman, Calculus and analytical geometry by Thomas and Finney, Coordinate geometry by Loney, IIT Maths by M.L.Khanna, I.A.Maron.

c)       Vectors
The books on Vectors concept by the IIT Maths by M.L.Khanna.

Books for Physics 
The books for physics is given below. 
a)      Mechanics
Physics by H.C.verma Problems in Physics by I.E.Irodov 
Resnick and Halliday

b)      Electricity and Magnetism
Resnick and Halliday circuit devices and systems by R.J.Smith
Problems in Physics by I.E.Irodov

c)       Optics
Physics by H.C.Verma

d)      Modern Physics

Physics by H.C.Verma
Problems in Physics by I.E.Irodov

e)      Heat and waves
Physics by H.C.Verma 
Resnick and Halliday

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