How to prepare for JEE examination?

The Joint entrance examination (JEE) is an all India level examination conducted by the central board of secondary education (CBSE) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The candidates preparing for the IIT JEE examination will have the constant feeling on whom to ask for help and advice regarding the preparation.  The JEE examination is divided into two parts namely JEE (Mains) and JEE (Advanced). The Joint entrance examination (JEE) is a highly competitive examination which also includes the marks obtained in the class XII board examination. 
Tips and tricks for the preparation 

Here are some tips that may require one to concentrate for a solid preparation for IIT-JEE examination. 
1.       Start your IIT JEE preparation by referring your class XIIth board subjects. One can start off with the NCERT books prepared by subject experts which are quite economical too.
2.       Go for the books that cover the maximum syllabus and beware of using too many reference books.
3.       The JEE mains focus on how a student takes up the problem approach and how he/she arrives at the solution of the various problems.
4.       The IIT JEE mains require the candidates to cover the CBSE based NCERT books and board examinations. However, the candidates do not require covering the entire syllabus but some of them which are not listed are given in the syllabus for IIT. One can very well avoid the ones which are not covered in the syllabus.
5.       To crack the IIT JEE advance examination, the aspirants require the strong understanding of the concepts and skills to solve the numerals that need good aptitude and lengthy calculations.
6.       The students should be able to answer and solve the short answer questions, subjective type of problems and questions based on assertion reasoning to develop the deep understanding of the subject as well as the multiple choice type questions to build up speed and accuracy.
7.       The most important thing one has to cover is to solve the various JEE papers and solve them, analyse the weakness and strengths topic-wise on where you need to pay attention to and where you have gained mastery upon. 

Resources and study materials for preparation at home

If you are preparing for the IIT at home, appropriate JEE book and resource materials are important. Besides having gained mastery over the school syllabus cbse books, the reference NCERT books and various IIT JEE model papers and previous year question papers to solve and gain mastery over the problem areas. 

The candidates preparing at home for the IIT JEE examination can make use of online IIT preparation. Online IIT preparation caters to the various needs and consists of the various links and study resources for the candidates too. The experienced tutors will be having firsthand experience in cracking the IIT exam as well as providing you various useful tips.


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