An account on JEE coaching institutes

The Joint entrance examination (JEE) is an all India examination conducted by the central board of secondary education and the Indian institute of Technology (IITs). Nearly 1400000 students appear for the joint entrance examination every year. The total seats available at the IITs and NITs was around 25,370 and it meant only 2% of the total applicants have made it through the IITs and NITs in the year 2013.   
Such is the competition with the JEE. It becomes a necessity for the candidate to think of a good coaching institution or centre that may help in the candidate to prepare for the entrance examination. Here are some ten coaching institutions listed which have proven great results and have given the candidate a good boost towards the preparation and in cracking the IIT-JEE examination. 

1.       Vibrant academy
2.       Resonance
3.       Bansal classes
4.       FIITJEE, Delhi
5.       Narayana
6.       Allen career institute
7.       Vidya mandir
8.       Aakash Institute
9.       IITians Pace
10.   Super 30

Let’s look at the various offerings from these institutions below.

Vibrant academy

The Vibrant academy has been founded to facilitate the IIT aspirants, now becoming a very strong contender among the various top coaching institutes. A record selection percentage of 43.5% from the regular classroom courses, the institute has set a benchmark for itself and for the other coaching institutes. The coaching is totally based on the complete requirements of the student to crack the IIT-JEE. 

Narayana Institute

This name is one of the pioneers in the engineering entrance examinations. The institute is based at more than 15 cities including Delhi, it has offered several researched study material and provides the best experienced teachers for the candidates. 

The institute has never failed to impress the students and parents as it has more than 200 students getting through the IIT JEE-Mains and more than 200 plus students getting into IIT JEE-entrance examination. 

Bansal Classes

This is another pioneer coaching institute, Bansal classes has also never failed to prove its worth to the students when it comes to various competitive entrance examinations. 


FIITJEE, Delhi is an ideal launch pad for the students aspiring to pursue the IIT-JEE entrance examination. It has come up with almost 4000 students in the All India rank in JEE Mains and 3000 plus students getting through the IIT-JEE advanced examination. 

Aakash Institute

Aakash institute has been quite famous for helping students in realising their dreams of the becoming doctors and engineers. The institute’s students have shown phenomenal results in producing IIT JEE mains selected candidates and medical entrance examinations.   

Vidya Mandir

The Vidya Mandir has always found a great place in the IIT aspirants and has kept itself in more than 30 cities inspiring students and realising their dreams. Nearly 48 top scorers through classroom coaching and 9 top scorers through the corresponding course, Vidya Mandir has been favourite place for the IIT aspirants.

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