Understand The Meaning of IIT and IISC

There are so many students clearing 12th exam and engineering every year, but only a few people opt  IIT and NIT as their future. Some people who doesn’t choose this path may think ,”why to do these serious studies and face tremendous pressure?” .These are common statements from those guys ,but what does it mean to others .Here are some inspiring people,their stories and what IIT actually means to them.One of them is Durga Prasad . He completed Btech and Mtech in BioMedical dept in IIT madras ,I was discussing about GATE exam and what to do about my score after failing in GATE  with my friends in IIT madras and this guy is my friend’s M tech senior ,he just introduced himself and started his story .He was an average student till 10th and 11th  his percentage in 10th exam is only 60% and I have asked him how he got this interest in studies. 

He replied that he was inspired by his physics teacher while attending lectures on “photo electric effect”. At that time he couldn’t understand anything, so he asked doubts about that topic to him and his lecturer started explaining from atomic structure ,to make him understand the topic .Then he came to realize that his basics were weak. Then he started concentrating on basics then in 12th.Then in 12th he got only 70% .After 12th , he went for coaching at KOTA for IITJEE to pursue his dream of IIT ,instead of joining local engineering college like friends .Then again he took four years to qualify IITJEE and the final attempt was tremendous and he got 250th rank in IITJEE .He was 22, while entering IIT and he is now 28 and still studying .I have asked why one should waste this much time just to study in IIT, he said that,to realize what is IIT and why to go for IIT, one has to study there. 

Another guy from Andhra has dropped school after 9th std and after 5 years he again started studying. And then he completed diploma and engineering in a local college .After completing engineering he stared preparing for GATE . It took two years for him to clear GATE and he is now doing M tech Process Control in NIT Trichy . These people that I have mentioned are not wealthy .One thing common between these set of people is determination .They once came to know what they are eligible of and they cannot compromise on anything less than what they really could achieve .In my point of view ,that’s the perfect education. In India getting admission in IIT’s is one big task and if you could achieve it ,then your level of thinking will change and then there will be nothing that you cannot do after achieving it.

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  1. jee main only 71 marks math below 60% over all above 60% in physics & chemistry from p.s.ed.b


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