Preparation for IIT JEE

IIT is the most toughest exam in the world.It is really a challenging task to get through this.Overcoming this has become the dream for most of the students.It is not easy, it requires lot of practice and hard work .This would not be a task of an ordinary person, it requires extraordinary intelligence.This requires immense preparation level to get through.Each and every student needs to put lot of effort in order to achieve their target.

There are so many techniques which help you achieve your goal of IIT.The initial step is to have concentration.The student has to concentrate fully with a strong mindset which never make him/her to get distraction from the goal.The students have to focus and concentrate on their final destination alone.

Be prepared for the  examination atleast two weeks before it starts.Have a revision on the syllabus which you have learnt thoroughly in the school and those for which you need to practice get help from your teacher.  Ensure and analyse the topics which you are not fully thorough with , pay more attention to those topics to have confidence with that.use some reference books or guide to get through your doubts.

The coaching institutes would be a better subordinate,either online or regular.Sufficient study materials will be provided by the talented professors.According to the syllabus and exam pattern the lecturers would examine the students by giving proper assessments .Online coaching also gives you advantages and it is affordable.

Finally if you want to be an IITan donot waste your time start preparing right from your 10th standard.Prepare well and achieve your goal.


  1. There are so many students who is doing preparation for
    IIT JEE preparation and AIEEE preparation and so many institutes and coaching centres present. Students should select coaching institutes for Engineering competition on their last years result basis and their experiences faculty basis.

  2. hallo fd aap ne iti ka result kis wab sait par dykha hai hum ko bhi batawo piz....


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