IIT JEE brings a challenge to the aspirants

IIT is one of the best institutes for engineering courses.It is a very big demand for the students to enter into IIT. IIT JEE exam is the very toughest exam and it needs lot of preparation.The question paper consists of different sections and the questions would be from maths , physics and chemistry.The students need to be thorough with the basic concepts of physics.The paper would be based on the application of the concept of physics.The exposure to mechanics would be helpful for you all to have a grip on the challenging topics.
so concentrate on the mechanics portions.

A good knowledge on the mechanics portion would be helpful and the knowledge on the basic facts such as potential being negative for an attractive would be helpful.be careful with the sign convention in optics. IIT JEE exam's questions will be objective type and it is for testing the ability and comprehensive skills of the aspirants.Negative marks would be given for the wrong answer.Questions on multiple pulley systems will also be there.

IIT JEE is entirely based on the concept of physics.so concentrate on physics and be thorough with physics.This IIT JEE is a challenging one to the aspirants and hard work is required to achieve the goal.

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