IIT JEE Aspirants top mistakes

Considering the number of candidates passing out and scoring from the exam IIT JEE is the toughest exam in the world.students who score 90% marks will fail to score 50% in this exam .The questions in the paper would be solvable.Toppers reach closer to 90%. Then what happen to the remaining mass of students? Let us see the top mistakes of the IIT JEE Aspirants

Preparation plan

They people are not having a personal preparation plan.The concept of the exam is IIT JEE exam will check the capability and analysing ability of the students.Even if the student is not able to score from many topics
he/she can obtain a good rank.It is necessary to work hard for obtaining a good score.The students should have a personal preparation plan if not it would result in disaster.

Leaving temperament issues unattended

Students taking this exam are good enough in knowledge and they have similar level of preparation.Becoming nervous, commiting mistakes because of enthusiasm ,unable to answer the questions are all the signs of poor temperament control.students who are managing it will succeed it better.

Not doing enough self study

Students mostly will go for coaching classes and they will learn by they are taught.This will not help the students achieving a good result. This will never allow the students mind to think in their original way. Doing self study and taking help as per the requirement is a better way for IIT JEE preparation.

Overcoming all these mistakes will provide a successfull result.

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