Online and Offline Entrance Exams by CBSE Board

The Entrance exams to get into the prestigious Universities like IIT, NIT and IIIT, are being conducted as Online Examination. The plus and minus, pros and cons of such Online Examination and Offline Examination shall be discussed here -
Online writing of the Entrance Examination:
The choice to write the Entrance Examination through online or offline shall be a choice made by the student concerned. A student can choose either mode of examination and accordingly the date and payment mode shall also be set.
7th April, 2013: Offline Examination
From 8th April to 30th April, 2013: Online Examination Throughout the country
The CBSE Board has designed the Examination to be based mostly on Online mode.

Payment fee:
The payment fee is crucial here for the entrance exams. 
To write the exam in offline mode, the students of GC and OBC sects would have to pay Rs. 800/- while students taking the exam through online will have to pay Rs. 500/- for the same.The same fee details apply to women, SC/ST students also.

Transport concerns:

The JEE Main Exam can be easily taken up by the students living in the big cities. The offline exam is also scheduled conveniently in 4 different centers. The online and offline exam details with respect to location are mentioned in the notice by CBSE Board. So the transport issues are effectively solved by this online examination facility.

Online application form:

This online application form is an ideal solution for the students far and wide. If a student needs to attend the exam, he/she has to collect the form online and fill and submit the same through online only. There will be no need to visit any Institution for collecting the forms anymore. The villages based students also who are situated in the interior locations will find this a good solution and it is looked upon by the Board that this will help encourage the village based students to depend on online facilities much more and develop their knowledge on the same effectively through these exams. Discussions as to whether the whole of JEE exam could be made in online format is going on and a decision shall be made soon on the same.

 To whom shall this be difficult?

The students who have less knowledge about computers and computer based tests, and no interest in the online browsing shall find this type Entrance Exams difficult to cope with.These new changes implemented by CBSE Board may become an issue with them. But the students should come up to snuff on the realization that the whole world is modernizing and things are much easier with online equation at hands.

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