Preparation Tips to get a Top Rank in JEE

To clear the exam which will be attempted by lakhs of students in the country and score a top rank is not an easy job. It can be achieved by hard work and following certain principles that will help one become successful. 
1. Never miss your classes. Missing one class might cause you to miss some important concept being taught and you'll end up being clueless till the end. 
2. Make proper notes and use them for timely revision. Do not use others' notes as they will not help you as much as yours.
3. Take as many sample tests as possible. Collect old JEE papers and work them out. The pattern and type of questions that appear every year will be the same.
4. Time your sample tests. This is very important. It gives you confidence that you will do well during the exam.
5. Clarify your doubts on time. Do not keep work pending as it will only accumulate and cause you worry.
6. Do not give up very easily. JEE is tough, so think about it before quitting. 
7. During the last few days, do not study anything new. Just practice the old topics and work out mock papers. 
8. A little work everyday keeps us tension free at the last minute. It boosts confidence and helps you win.
9. A good night sleep and social support helps a student psychologically to beat the heat of the exam.
10. Keep your cool and do well!

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