Old JEE Papers for Practice

With the advent of internet and websites that cater to the aspiring students' needs, it is not so hard to find past papers of the JEE exam. There are many websites that provide upto 10 years' old papers for practice, in the form of questions or even solved ones. It is believed widely that only studying for the examination syllabus is not sufficient to ace the exam. 
The advantage of keeping old papers and practising from them is that, most questions on the JEE are of the same nature, only the application principles differ. The syllabus for the IIT-JEE has remained the same for the last 15 years or so. The tested concepts are the same every year. Hence, first the topics need to be crammed up and only secondly, the practice papers must be used. Using these also give one a clear idea about what kind of questions appear in the test and what the standard of the tests will be. 
The free JEE old papers are available for free at these websites :
The best way to utilize these is to take tests in a timed environment with no distractions around. For students to be successful in the JEE main, they should be both quick and accurate in their skills.  Also in order to maximize your score in JEE you need to be good in all three subjects i.e. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Most of the times students give more attention to a particular subject and topic which is not the way to crack IIT-JEE, to be sure of results give equal importance to all three subjects, practice more and more questions on each subject.

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