How to Prepare for JEE Main and JEE Advanced ?

1. Foremost requirement for success in JEE will be the determined attitude that must be supplemented by diligent preparation and lots of study.
2. Even if you are an average student in school with mediocre grades, you can excel in the JEE exam. Hard work for a year and focus on your goal will help you through.
3. The right kind of JEE Coaching also helps as it teaches students how to attempt the test and adopt smart short cuts to arrive at the correct answer in the minimum possible time.
4. Do not stress about the exam. Anxiety is the worst thing that could give you failure on the day of the exam. So remain cool while taking the exam.
5. Buy the best JEE preparation books. Talk to your teachers and seniors who have cleared the exam. Invest time to find out about the books before buying them.
6. Make an effective timetable that will allow small and healthy breaks in between. Do not watch tv or play any computer games during this break; it will be difficult to return back to your study if you do that.
7. Keep a record of what you have studied. It will help you with your progress and to keep a track of how much more preparation you need.
8. In the last few weeks, do not study anything new. Keep a week for revision and another for talking  mock tests.
9. There are a lot of mock tests available for free online. Take the timed ones as they are the best - they help you feel like you're taking an actual test.
10. Lastly, believe in your self. Keep your goals always ahead of you. Remember- Luck aids those who are best prepared.

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