How to Choose the Best JEE Prep Books

Your first step before buying IIT-JEE preparation material is to check out which ones are the best. In order to do this, you have to talk to a number of people who have cleared the test or those who are very familiar to the exam's pattern and preparation process, like your school teachers or coaching institute teachers. Consult with your teachers and seniors, and if possible with Previous Year's IIT JEE rank holders.Visit your school library and see  what kind of books are available and whether they will help in your preparation in any way. Always check out the books before you buy. Never buy them because your friends think its good. Buying too many books can lead to confusion during preparation. For understanding basic concepts, the NCERT text books are enough and you just need books for advanced concepts and problem solving. 
While choosing Books for IIT JEE one must check the following factors:
1. Books must contain exhaustive theory explaining the concepts so you have a strong base of all concepts. It is better to use foreign author books for theory.
2. Books must have multiple level of exercises and good quality numericals for practice.
3.  Books for IIT JEE must cover all the different parts of questions like one correct choice objective question, more than one correct choice question, matching type question, passage type question, assertion and reason and subjective numerical
4. It is not compulsory that you have to join coaching. It is your wish. JEE can be cracked without coaching also, but requires dedication and a lot of hard work.

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