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Resonance was founded on 11th April, 2001 by Mr. R.K. Verma, B.Tech, Electrical and Electronics from IIT Madras. Coming from an obscure town to becoming the top educationist in the field of education, enabling students from all part of the country to realize their dreams of IIT, Mr. R.K. Verma has indeed come a long way.

The institute is having its own Study Centres which are offering Classroom Programmes for IIT-JEE at Kota, Jaipur, Bhopal, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Nagpur, Mumbai, Udaipur, Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Patna , Visakhapatnam. These Study Centres are not franchisees. They are established and managed by Resonance, Kota. The institute has also established Information Centres in Chandigarh, Indore, Patna and Ranchi to provide the aspirants with information about the various programmes of Resonance at their native places itself.

The institute has also entered into associations with some of the reputed schools across the country for the Integrated In-School Classroom Contact Programmes for the preparation of IIT-JEE.

Resonance formally launched its Distance Learning Programmes through its DLP Division during the Academic Session 2005-06 looking at the need of students who can not leave their native places for education.

Resonance IIT JEE Coaching Institutions Class Room Facilities
1. Every class room are well furnished and equipped with air cooler and some class room at kota head office are Air conditioned.
2. Every class room at all study centers are equipped with magnetic white board which help full for smooth writing for teaching point safe from any kind of dust.
3. Every class room at all study centers are well equipped with wooden benches having seat number allotted to each student.
4. Front seat are reserved for Girls specially in each class room.
5. Mike system is provide in each class room at all study centers.
6. Camera system is provided in each class-room at Kota head office. Which is help full to keep watch on class room.
7. Curtains are provided in each class-room.
8. Visulizers (projector) are available in some class room at Kota head office and at some other study centers.
9. Red bulb indication to every student for any announcement in class if required.

Office Contact Hours : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Contact No: 1800-200-2244 (Toll-Free)


Office Meeting Hours : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Contact No: 0744-3012222,3192222
Email :

General Queries

1. How can one check the student performance on Resonance website?
Ans. It can be checked by click on Popular Links, there is a option Students Performance click on that and enter the student's Roll no & DOB after that click on log in and you can see the performance analysis of a student.
2. Why Resonance is better than any other institute?
Ans. Resonance is better than any other institute in terms of results. The growth rate of Resonance's results is consistently increasing, in just 9 years we got total 6928 selections in IIT-JEE. The faculty of Resonance is most stable, competent, highly qualified and most experienced. The personal care and attention a student get in Resonance is highly appreciable than any other institute.
3.How many students selected from your institute in 2011?
Ans. In 2011 total 1813 selections are from Resonance in IIT-JEE. Out of this 1194 students are from Classroom and 619 students are from DLP. Every 8th student in IIT is from Resonance.
4. Is Kota Center better than any other Center?
Ans. The teaching methodology and the fee structure is same at all the centre in Resonance. The only difference is of environment, in Kota the competition is high due to more number of students and other institutes are also in Kota.
5. I want to join Resonance as a faculty, what is the procedure?
Ans. In Resonance there is a particular training program for faculty called FTP. So all the faculty are recruited through a systematic process. That FTP program generally starts in the month of January. You can also mail us your resume at, HRD on the basis of your resume will decide about it and whenever the vacancy will be there they will let you know. During training the pay scale is around Rs. 25000 and afterwards it depends on the performance of the individual.
6. Is hostel facility is available in Resonance?
Ans. Basically we don't have our own hostel but when you visit in Kota you can find many hostels & PGs. As Kota is an educational city the students from all over India come here so every second house is a PG here and we will provide you the guide maps which help you to find the hostel and Pgs in the near area.
7. In Delhi which centre is better?
Ans. All the centres are best you can choose it according to your convenience.
8.What is the difference between in Tentative and Final Results?
Ans.In Tentative results the marks and the percentage of the student in that particular test is provided along with percentile, it will declare on Thursday after that the corrections invites from the faculties and students and on the basis of that final result prepare. In Final results Center Rank, All Resonace Rank and Cumulative Rank will also provided along with the cumulative percentage, it will declare on Saturday.
9. What is the holiday schedule of your institute?
Ans.We provide Diwali vacations of 10 days and 3 holidays on national festivals on account of Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti.
10. Are you preparing separately for CBSE/State Board studies?
Ans.The preparation at Resonance is based on NCERT syllabus so during the course of JEE preparation most of the school syllabus gets automatically covered. We also conduct the board classes of Hindi and English subjects at the end of the session for the preparation of board class 12th.
11. Do you merge VIKAAS and VIPUL course?
Ans. No we don’t merge both of the courses they run separately throughout the year.
12.. Do you provide answer key and solutions after PT & CT?
Ans. Yes we provide the answer key after the completion of the test.
13. What is the procedure to get caution money back?
Ans.The Caution Money is refunded by A/C payee cheque in the name of the student's father. It shall be refunded in the month of November/December. The caution money is refunded to the student only when he/she submitted the photocopy of IIT-JEE and AIEEE Application Forms. However this will only be available for the students for the session 2010-11. From 2011 we are not asking to deposit any caution money from the student.
14.What is a criterion for fee refund?
Ans. If a student has paid Ist Installment in that case the refund will be according to the number of weeks he has been enrolled with Resonance since the commencement of his classes. Zero week 95 % refund, Ist & IInd week 90% refund, III&IV week 75% refund, V& VI week 50% refund, VII & VIII week 25% refund. If a student paid both the installment at a single time in that case Ist installment will be refunded according to the refund criteria and second will be refunded fully.

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  3. The institute has conjointly established data Centres in Chandigarh, Indore, Patna and Ranchi to produce the aspirants with data concerning the varied programmes of Resonance at their native places itself.


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