Understand The Meaning of IIT and IISC

There are so many students clearing 12th exam and engineering every year, but only a few people opt  IIT and NIT as their future. Some people who doesn’t choose this path may think ,”why to do these serious studies and face tremendous pressure?” .These are common statements from those guys ,but what does it mean to others .Here are some inspiring people,their stories and what IIT actually means to them.One of them is Durga Prasad . He completed Btech and Mtech in BioMedical dept in IIT madras ,I was discussing about GATE exam and what to do about my score after failing in GATE  with my friends in IIT madras and this guy is my friend’s M tech senior ,he just introduced himself and started his story .He was an average student till 10th and 11th  his percentage in 10th exam is only 60% and I have asked him how he got this interest in studies. 

He replied that he was inspired by his physics teacher while attending lectures on “photo electric effect”. At that time he couldn’t understand anything, so he asked doubts about that topic to him and his lecturer started explaining from atomic structure ,to make him understand the topic .Then he came to realize that his basics were weak. Then he started concentrating on basics then in 12th.Then in 12th he got only 70% .After 12th , he went for coaching at KOTA for IITJEE to pursue his dream of IIT ,instead of joining local engineering college like friends .Then again he took four years to qualify IITJEE and the final attempt was tremendous and he got 250th rank in IITJEE .He was 22, while entering IIT and he is now 28 and still studying .I have asked why one should waste this much time just to study in IIT, he said that,to realize what is IIT and why to go for IIT, one has to study there. 

Another guy from Andhra has dropped school after 9th std and after 5 years he again started studying. And then he completed diploma and engineering in a local college .After completing engineering he stared preparing for GATE . It took two years for him to clear GATE and he is now doing M tech Process Control in NIT Trichy . These people that I have mentioned are not wealthy .One thing common between these set of people is determination .They once came to know what they are eligible of and they cannot compromise on anything less than what they really could achieve .In my point of view ,that’s the perfect education. In India getting admission in IIT’s is one big task and if you could achieve it ,then your level of thinking will change and then there will be nothing that you cannot do after achieving it.

Preparation for IIT JEE

IIT is the most toughest exam in the world.It is really a challenging task to get through this.Overcoming this has become the dream for most of the students.It is not easy, it requires lot of practice and hard work .This would not be a task of an ordinary person, it requires extraordinary intelligence.This requires immense preparation level to get through.Each and every student needs to put lot of effort in order to achieve their target.

There are so many techniques which help you achieve your goal of IIT.The initial step is to have concentration.The student has to concentrate fully with a strong mindset which never make him/her to get distraction from the goal.The students have to focus and concentrate on their final destination alone.

Be prepared for the  examination atleast two weeks before it starts.Have a revision on the syllabus which you have learnt thoroughly in the school and those for which you need to practice get help from your teacher.  Ensure and analyse the topics which you are not fully thorough with , pay more attention to those topics to have confidence with that.use some reference books or guide to get through your doubts.

The coaching institutes would be a better subordinate,either online or regular.Sufficient study materials will be provided by the talented professors.According to the syllabus and exam pattern the lecturers would examine the students by giving proper assessments .Online coaching also gives you advantages and it is affordable.

Finally if you want to be an IITan donot waste your time start preparing right from your 10th standard.Prepare well and achieve your goal.

IIT JEE - Preparing for Individual section

IIT is one of the most prestigious institutes in India.It is the dream destination for the students all over the world.Students are working hard to enter into this institute.This may be the dream place for everyone but only a very few people can reach it.This indicates the level of preparation required to achieve the goal.
There are three methods of preparing but everything depends on the strength of the target which only help the student to concentrate fully.

Self Study
Enroll for coaching centre
Avail online coaching

Self study
Self study will help you recollect the observed concepts if you are learning from coaching centre. If not when you do self study alone you will require guidance from the experts and so you will not be able to do an effficient preparation.

Enroll for coaching centre
When you join coaching centre you would need to pay more but still you will get an effective guidance and it will give you confidence.coaching centre will help you giving guidance from tthe professors but it is all your ability to learn and analyse and do self study and to achieve.

Avail online coaching
Online coaching is also available and it is affordable.Students who are not able to pay more can prefer this online coaching and can take guidance from the professors.This is like distant learning program and this involves participation of the professors.

IIT JEE consists of three main subjects maths, physics and chemistry.It is essential to allot time to prepare these three papers.This would be interesting.All you need to do is prepare well.

Get serious for IIT JEE coaching

Hard work is the best investment which we can put to achieve our target. IIT Coaching is not for those who just do things for the sake of doing. It is for those who are strong and stronger in their target and achieving it.For this kind of people it is no much difficult to reach this.There are something to take into consideration  while preparing.

Full concentration
Concentration is a powerful tool used in studies to achieve something that we require.If the student is having a strong target oof achieving he/she can concentrate without any distractions. whatever may happen around but the candidate should concentrate only in his/her preparation. Never ever pay attention to outside factors.

IIT is for the best aspirant.Those who are able to concentrate and take the job seriously only can achieve.Even a small and silly mistake will give you degradation in the result.

It is an important part whereas this preparation may be from the coaching obtained from the lecturers or may be self study or both. starting the studies earlier and being thorough with the syllabus is a good sign of preparing well.So a serious and good preparation will help you achieve the target.

Regularity in studies
Studying regularly will keep you things memorized and help you recollect .The candidate has to prepare for the board exam as well as for the IIT JEE. so the candidate will be tensed in clearing the exam.But when you prepare regularly it would not be a big task.

Keep yourself cool
Being relaxed will help you recollect all concepts when writing and help you present neatly.If you are tensed
it will make you lose your temperament and becoming nervous will make you forget even the well known concepts prepared.so keep yourself cool and be relaxed.

Attend IIT JEE classes regularly

IIT JEE - A dream goal to everyone. The dream goal is to be achieved positively even if it is difficult to do so.There is a small fear with the students who prepare for this IIT JEE for those who are bit dull in studies.Your learning and presentation depends on your own capability only.If you have a strong mindset and a powerful target of achieving it  easy for you to reach it.This would be the only reason if you fail in any of your targets.

Anyhow you have got another chance to prepare for this IIT JEE where you can show your ability.All you have to do is attend the classes regularly.It is an essential thing to be regular in your work.Your attendance should be proper and perfect for each and every class, and attending the class physically alone will never help . Your attendance along with full concentration without distraction is important.And do self study in your home regularly which will help you analyse the observed syllabus and to be thorough with it.

IIT JEE is not so easy to do.It requires guidance from experts.Attending regular classes, listening carefu lly to the lecturer's words,doing self study , having a strong target and mindset of achieving will help you achieve the target.This can be possible also with distance learning programs as well as through online coaching and all.Online coaching would be very cheap compared to the coaching classes fees.It is ultimately your own capability to achieve at the end either you have your own way of studying and practicing.
so be regular for your classes and achieve your goal..

Start preparing for IIT JEE after class X

Looking forward at the most prestigious institute IIT? There is  smarter way to  make you  progress towards your aim easier.For this you should start working for this IIT JEE right after finishing your class 10th.Earlier preparation is only for making your work load easier.If you have one year time you have to put all your efforts within the time and you will need to rush up with your studies.But earlier preparation gives you a relaxed time to prepare .

Beginners kindly go through the examination pattern of the last few years.There are subject wise cut off marks also so you need to know the weightage of the previous year questions.

The next step is to join in an IIT  coaching centre .This  will give you a motivation by the lecturer's guidance and make your work easier..

Practice makes a man perfect.Practice is the one important thing which you need to do.Even if you are going for a coaching centre self study will help you achieve your target.so take the lecturer's guidance and practice by  yourself understanding the concept.

There is a  Common Practice Test which is conducted by the academy.This helps the students to know their potential against other IIT JEE aspirants.

So start preparing for IIT JEE right after your class X .. This would help you achieve your goal.

Psychology of success in IIT JEE

IIT is a dream destination of the students all over the world. A vibrant and exclusive campus with an extraordinary infrastructure. IIT people have to work hard before getting in and after entering also there would be loads of studies, exams , quizzes, competition but still it is a dream destination for most of the students. IIT campus coonsists of a very high number of talented individuals.

IIT people are a invaluable asset we can say.And also it is not that one who study well in their academic alone can succeed in IIT JEE. Those who were not able to score well in their academics can also get through this IIT JEE based on the planning and execution in their preparation and the efffort they are taking to handle this.

This IIT JEE is not an impossible thing to reach.It is just the matter of hardworking and seriousness in the work.It is sure that if we put a serious effort in what we require we can achieve the targeted one. IIT JEE is a real time test for all your capabilities knowledge and skill.charge yourself to prepare for this academically and  psychologically and do well success is yours.

IIT JEE Online coaching

IIT is really a prestigious as well as a toughest exam . Many of the students dream for IIT but only a very few are achieving it.once if it is decided to join IIT it is mandatory to work hard, put more effort and the important thing is to start preparation as early as possible.For any dream to achieve , it requires self effort and hard work.

Nothing is impossible.To reach the goal of IIT a candidate requires to have complete dedication, concentration without deviation,proper training, self study and all.Students should be clear in their mindset and goal.Finally they need to be clear and confident in achieving the goal.

IIT online coaching is available and it is being the best medium to obtain good result. Online coaching is advantageous. It is run by software professionals and some of the experienced and most learned professors of universities.Online coaching makes the students learning interested and the students are able to concentrate more.Online coaching staff are ready to help the students anytime they require.students can take up online coaching and prepare for IIT JEE .Online coaching would provide the students a comfortable learning.

when going for coaching classes the students are required to pay more depending on the centres. online coaching is affordable and those who are not able to pay more can learn through online coaching.This provide enough study materials and CDs to the students.The lecturer CDs are designed like explanations are given by the lecturers in a clear way. IIT JEE online coaching would be helpful for efficient preparation.

Self studying is one of the good method of achieving the target here.Online coaching provides the student lot of self study hours which would be helpful.The student can go to school and attend online coaching after coming home.online coaching is one of the most preferrable coaching classes for the aspirants to reach success.

Prepare seriously for IIT JEE

IIT JEE exams are not as easy as we think.It is really a tough job to succeed over.It needs lot of hard work , determination and contribution.No compromises at all for IIT coaching.The students have to be very serious about this.Most of the students know this fact and they will take job seriously and succeed.Those who are careless and not being serious will end up in failure.
For IIT JEE the preparattion should be very good and accurate.

Role of parents
The role of parents is very important in board exams and IIT coaching.The parents should know the seriousness of the exam and they should provide a conducive atmosphere for their kid to study well and they should provide all the facilities as they require.

The students are aware of the IIT JEE coaching .The parents should also support it without problem.So it is essential to give respect to parents as well as the hard work.

Time schedule
Time schedule is very important before doing preparation.Time allotment for each and every subject should be equal.If a student concentrates more on a subject and give less preferance to other subject then he/she will not be able to get through the exam.Time schedule allows the student to concentrate on all the subjects equally which will give a good result.

Concentration is an important tool to achieve success.A  half hearted preparation will never give you success.Concentration without deviation will let you achieve success in everything.

Ways of succeeding in IIT JEE

There is something which we need to follow seriously in order to achieve the goal of entering into IIT.  IIT JEE is a very prestigious and toughest exam and it requires a dedicated hard work to get through.Students from all over the world are dreaming for this and some students are achieving it.There are four steps which we need to concentrate on and they are as follows..

Policy to be followed
Preparation Method
 Regular preparation
Prepare hard

Policy to be followed
Goal setting is very important before doing something.The students need to set their goal perfectly in this without getting diverted.Goal setting will help us always to achieve our goal ,that too depends on how much importance we are giving for the goal .This will make the students overcome all the challenges and difficulties and achieve the goal.Never ever allow thoughts for distraction.

Preparation Method
This Exam is entirely different from all other exams and it is toughest also.The students who are good scorers and toppers alone can dream for IIT. The students should also do their board exam well and these pupil should concentrate well on Maths, Physics and Chemistry subjects.The thorough  preparation will help you succeed and this can be done only if your goal is strong.

Regular Preparation
IIT JEE consists of thorough  understanding of the concepts.Regularity in your preparation will help you keep yourself updated and make you achieve your goal.Starting at the earlier stage will help you learn things thoroughly.

Prepare Hard
when a student dreams for IIT it is mandatory that he/she should work hard without deviating in other things  in order to achieve the goal.Hard work is the best investment one can put over..

IIT JEE should be dealt with high concentration complete hard work and thorough understanding of the subjects.

IIT JEE brings a challenge to the aspirants

IIT is one of the best institutes for engineering courses.It is a very big demand for the students to enter into IIT. IIT JEE exam is the very toughest exam and it needs lot of preparation.The question paper consists of different sections and the questions would be from maths , physics and chemistry.The students need to be thorough with the basic concepts of physics.The paper would be based on the application of the concept of physics.The exposure to mechanics would be helpful for you all to have a grip on the challenging topics.
so concentrate on the mechanics portions.

A good knowledge on the mechanics portion would be helpful and the knowledge on the basic facts such as potential being negative for an attractive would be helpful.be careful with the sign convention in optics. IIT JEE exam's questions will be objective type and it is for testing the ability and comprehensive skills of the aspirants.Negative marks would be given for the wrong answer.Questions on multiple pulley systems will also be there.

IIT JEE is entirely based on the concept of physics.so concentrate on physics and be thorough with physics.This IIT JEE is a challenging one to the aspirants and hard work is required to achieve the goal.

IIT JEE students need coaching

Training is always important in the time of learning things.It is better to learn from those who know before doing something.This is true for IIT JEE preparation also.If a candidate comes to know the difficulties of the exam he/she will opt for coaching classes.Then they take the path of success.

If a candidate puts all the efforts in preparation learning everything but if he/she doesnot have a proper guidance then at last he/she might not succeed.IIT JEE exam is really a toughest exam in the world and it needs very thorough preparation.A very small mistake will make difference in score and rank.

There are so many highly qualified professionals available to train the students to achieve their goal .Entering into IITs will be possible only through high scores.students who prepare for IIT JEE needs proper coaching it may be either regular or through online.Self study is much important.This preparation needs lot of determination.

IIT JEE preparation always needs strong will power and determination.If a candidate doesnot get proper guidance it is difficult to achieve success.Through IIT JEE coaching the student will get self confidence and it would be a motivational factor for the students.In coaching classes professors teach them well and conduct tests on a regular basis.This makes the students to achieve their goal.

The professors give motivational talks to the students.Sometimes students may get attracted by some external factors.Professors will take care of all these and will help the students to achieve the goal.These reasons make coaching compulsory for IIT JEE examination.

Centers for IIT JEE preparation

Many students dream is to get admission in IIT. But some students are only able to achieve it.Most of the students who wants to enter IIT will go for coaching classes.These kind of coaching classes will get a high pay from the students.Is this a right decision? we need to think it off..

Most of the students who enters into IIT have studied in from some coaching centres is true and it is the fact that only very few students from the coaching centre are alone entering IITs. Students are wasting their precious time as well as their parents money.

Unfortunately the coaching centers are not taking care of the interest and capabilities of the students.These centers are just forcing the students to work hard without considering what the students want to do.

IIT JEE Aspirants top mistakes

Considering the number of candidates passing out and scoring from the exam IIT JEE is the toughest exam in the world.students who score 90% marks will fail to score 50% in this exam .The questions in the paper would be solvable.Toppers reach closer to 90%. Then what happen to the remaining mass of students? Let us see the top mistakes of the IIT JEE Aspirants

Preparation plan

They people are not having a personal preparation plan.The concept of the exam is IIT JEE exam will check the capability and analysing ability of the students.Even if the student is not able to score from many topics
he/she can obtain a good rank.It is necessary to work hard for obtaining a good score.The students should have a personal preparation plan if not it would result in disaster.

Leaving temperament issues unattended

Students taking this exam are good enough in knowledge and they have similar level of preparation.Becoming nervous, commiting mistakes because of enthusiasm ,unable to answer the questions are all the signs of poor temperament control.students who are managing it will succeed it better.

Not doing enough self study

Students mostly will go for coaching classes and they will learn by they are taught.This will not help the students achieving a good result. This will never allow the students mind to think in their original way. Doing self study and taking help as per the requirement is a better way for IIT JEE preparation.

Overcoming all these mistakes will provide a successfull result.

10 reasons for studying engineering

The following are  the 10 great reasons for studying engineering

Money is the important and essential one in life.It is well known that engineers are the top most professionals who are highly paid.so In order to earn more money engineering can be preferred.

Those who have enough money will be respected in the society.Engineers can earn enough of as they can.Compared to other professionals engineers are the prestigious persons who get equal respect in the society.

Engineers are the professional persons who will behave , work and do things professionally.Engineering programs are the top most professional programs.

Engineering has so many choices where we can decide what we need from it either software or electrical or mechanical and so on.Engineering is a great choice that opens up many paths in the future of our life.

Engineering will help you develop yourself intellectually.It will develop your ways of thinking.It will make you work on other skills even.

Engineering profession will make you become an enterpreneur. studying Engineering gives you a good experience and capability to own a business , a factory and all.This will make you more familiar in doing things in a right way.This will give you a skill which make you run your business with a professional ethics.

This is a challenging life where challenges are very quite common otherwise life would be boring.Engineering is a challenge.At your studies and also in your career you may be facing so many challenges where this profession helps you overcome problems.

Problems in our life requires creativity and analysing skills. Most of the jobs would be very systematic and would not require creativity. But engineering allows you to be creative.

Engineering helps you discover and understand how the entire world is around you.Engineering is connected with science and research which helps you discover things and knowledge.

Society requires you
The society requires persons who are smart enough and knowledgeable.Engineering trends may help you solve problems like diseases, hunger and pollution .Engineering ultimately makes you smart and the society requires people like you.


Engineering Majors

I want to study engineering But I donot have any idea about the department i would need to take and how it would help me .. If you have a question like this , here are some list of  popular engineering majors which will  help you decide.

Computer science and software Engineering

software Engineering  is the application of a systematic and quantifiable approach to the design, development, operation, and maintenance of software and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software

what will you learn?

In software Engineering you will learn a variety of subjects, including the development of information systems, programming, computer architecture, operating systems, networking and the business contexts in which computer-based information systems are used

Future of software Engineering

The Future of Software Engineering  focuses on defining the achievements of software engineering in the past decades and showcasing visions for the future.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering is the branch concerned  the application of the breakdown  as well as the fusion of atomic nuclei and the application of other sub-atomic physics, based on the principles of nuclear physics. Nuclear Engineering involves everything within an atom.

what will you study?

You'll learn about particle motion dynamics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, some computer programming, differential equations, and other topics.

Future of Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear energy is expected to play an essential role in future energy supply scenarios. The Conference Of World Energy expects a doubling of energy produced by nuclear plants until 2005. Assuming that the effects of COemissions on the atmosphere are as menacing as assessed by experts, the use of nuclear energy should be extended even further.So obviously a massive expansion of nuclear energy will take place in the next decades.

Bio Engineering

Bio engineering is the application of the principles of engineering and natural sciences to tissues, cells and molecules. Closely related to this is biotechnology, which deals with the implementation of biological knowledge in industrial processes. Applications from both fields are widely used in medical and natural sciences and also in engineering.

what will you study?

You will study courses including molecular chemistry, life support systems, organic chemistry, kinetics, patent regulations and engineering theories.

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